That’s the Way Its Always Been Done…..

Do you know that today’s school environment is still based on the way it was in 1800’s? Would any other business still be using practices from 200 years ago?  And yet, that’s what some people expect.  Digital devices in the classroom?  They are a distraction, right? Or… are they an amazing tool that can be harnessed?  The Read / Write Web has opened up so many possibilities for education.

In my middle school classes, I want to teach my kids the way they learn.  That is NOT sitting in a desk, isolated from their classmates, memorizing facts.  That IS collaborating, sitting on the floor, listening to music while they work, researching, discussing, trial and error.  My classes use their phones, their chromebooks, Google Docs, music software, Google Classroom, Discovery Sheets (ok, those are worksheets in digital form but working with a partner means my kids love it and learn so much more!).

Why do I intentionally create chaos?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just lecture, have them take notes and then give them a test?  Maybe, but they wouldn’t retain the information beyond that test. Using the Read / Write Web in all of the above mentioned forms allows my kids to create their own knowledge.  It allows them to take advantage of sources beyond me.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know EVERYTHING!  This was my kids become “mini-experts” themselves because they find the information that they need.  They are ACTIVELY learning!  And the best part?  They remember what they learned!


2 thoughts on “That’s the Way Its Always Been Done…..

    • You will love it! It takes a bit to get all the “bugs” out of everyone having one. We had trouble with the wifi not being strong to handle it all so it was very slow at times. Students losing, dropping, cases breaking, etc but now after 3 years, it’s amazing!


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