2-D-1:A Blog post about a class that’s doing it well!

I found a blogging project called the Student Blogging Challenge.  This project is a huge project that teachers can participate in with their students.  The project has activities and blogging ideas for a 10 week challenge.  From there I found a class blog by Jan Smith who is a teacher in Canada!  Her blog is called Huzzah.  I found this project amazing from the standpoint that she gives her kids blog prompts and they respond with such a high quality writing that it’s hard to believe that they are 6th and 7th grade students!  I spent a while browsing through several of the student blogs before settling on Journey’s.  Not only is she   participating in the prompts but she is even blogging a bit when it isn’t required!  I don’t know if she is a 6th or 7th grader but I could only wish that my 8th graders wrote this well! It has given me some ideas on using something like this in my Music Appreciation class during their history of music units.  I can see creating prompts for them to write about history they are learning about.  It hasn’t completely gelled yet, so stay tuned!

I want to leave you with a link to her story, In Plain Sight. I think you will enjoy reading her story!


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