3B2: RSS to Enhance Learning?

RSS feeds are something I have heard about for years but have never tried to use.  Once again, that “time to play” factor rears its ugly head!  Having spent some time with it this week, I think it could make an impact on learning, both mine as well as the students.  Having an automatic notification when new information comes out about a topic would make it easier to find new articles, blog posts, news, etc.

The biggest drawback I see is finding the right tags or keywords to create an RSS feed.  Some sites have the RSS feed icon that is clickable.  Some you have to take a moment to figure out.   This could cause a slight challenge to students if THEY are the ones creating the feeds.  (Honestly, that is true for many of us adults as well!)  Once that is figured out it is pretty easy!

I could see this working well for topics that I am interested in throughout my personal life as well.  There are many topics, such as quilting, that I am very interested in but don’t have the time to check to see if there are new posts.  An RSS feed makes it easy to follow!

Overall, I think the RSS feed has definite promise for both my classroom and my personal life!


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