3D2: Social Bookmarking

Using social bookmarking in my continuing education is a great way to save the many resources that I research and bookmark for various assignments.  Right now, I do one of two things:  bookmark it on my computer or leave the sites open in a tab so that I don’t lose it.  Bookmarking it to my computer has created a crazy number of articles (sites) that I have saved over the years.  There are sites on there that I have no idea even why I saved them! Leaving the sites open on a tab is more temporary but it also is risky!  Using a site like Diigo is a solution to both of these scenarios.

My plan from now on is to save articles, blogs, images, and websites to Diigo.  As I am looking for articles for my course project, I will save them to my Diigo library.  I can tag them with specific tags to keep them organized.  As I go back to read through them to organize my thoughts, I can use the highlighter tool to highlight passages that I want to include.  I can create an outliner to organize how and where I want to put them in the presentation or paper.

I am also starting to forumlate a plan to use this with my classes.  I’m not creating a lesson plan simply because I need to work with it for a bit more before I put it into play with my classes.  What I do see happening though is to set up groups for each of my classes.  They can then create a resource page as they run across articles or sights that would help in their research for projects in my class.  Individually, having the ability to highlight the articles and use the outliner will make it easier to create their own presentations and papers.

After spending some time with this tool today, I am extremely excited to begin using it!


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