4D1: Wikis in the Classroom

Is there a particular example of a classroom wiki which inspired you?
The Peru Conference Wiki peaked my interest.  The wiki was set up similar to our activity 4C1 where various pages were created for various topics about the country of Peru.  I could see me using something similar to this in my history of Classical Music unit.  I could see how pages could be set up for each era and then have the students create additional pages for topics relating to that era.  Working in groups for each era, they could create quite an extensive wiki that could become a good resource.

What was most challenging about creating a wiki together as a group in 
Activity 4-C-1

The biggest challenge of creating a wiki together is working with schedules.  Making sure that it is a priority activity when you sit down to work.  When one or more of the group waits until later in the week while others want to get started right away can be frustrating. Our group all were ready to jump in and get it down which was great!  My challenge with the schedule I have this semester was to force myself to work on it after a long day instead of waiting until the weekend which is my prime time to work right now.  Having spent many a group project waiting for group mates to finish their part was not what I wanted to do!

What did you learn from the group wiki project? 
Honestly, I have been working with wikis for many years so other than seeing the new updates – which are wonderful – I didn’t learn anything new from this.  It DID remind me that this is a tool that I could incorporate into my curriculum.

Has your opinion of Wikipedia changed at all this week? 
If anything, I am more impressed with Wikipedia than before.  This is one site that I know my kids can get to for research for my music units.  Even though they have to be careful, it is usually really reliable for my subject matter. Knowing that there are discussions about any edits make me feel even more comfortable with it.  It did give me some new ammunition when talking about Wikipedia to skeptics!

Are you encountering resistance to using wikis in your class, either from others or from yourself? If so, how do you plan to respond?
Our school is very open to using new technology tools so there wouldn’t be any resistance to using it from that aspect.  Probably the biggest resistance would come from my students until they learn how to use it! 


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