5A1: Flickr Possibilities


Barnes, L. K. (2008, February 26). The Famous Old Black Lion Inn. Retrieved February 4, 2017, from https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3283/2312012484_b7fd9d3afc_z.jpg

I teach 2 units on the the history of music.  After spending time researching information about the topics, students are required to create some kind of presentation that explains the topic.  They have to include pictures to help their classmates “see” various parts of their topic.  Finding pictures on Flickr would allow them to use photos that are relevant.  Most of the time students go to Google Images and many of the photos are blocked by the school filter.  Using Flickr may help this issue.  

Another possibility would be to have students upload images from other sources and use them to create a slideshow that could be used as their presentation (described above).  Flickr allows annotation to specific images where they could add information about the photo and how it relates to the topic.  The drawback that I am seeing is that there is a learning curve that might take time that is precious for them to learn how to upload, annotate, and create the slideshow as well as making sure to add the citations.  



One thought on “5A1: Flickr Possibilities

  1. Great use of Flickr! I find that many students automatically go to Google Images. Giving students options and teaching them about copyright laws would prove beneficial. You mention the learning curve as a potential drawback. How about those students who get “lost” in the images?


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