5B3: Podcasts in the Classroom

Podcasts…..hmmm…..I teach choir.  We sing.  We don’t have time to do anything else! (This statement is said by choir directors everywhere!)  In reality, podcasts might just fit seamlessly into that curriculum without taking time out from preparing for the next concert, contest, or other performance.

As I was looking around, I found an amazing podcast series called The Choir Conductor.  While this series is not completely for use with students, several of the episodes could be adapted for student use in a variety of areas of choir education.  For instance, some of the episodes talk to professionals in the world of music education as well as students who are in a choir.

For this activity, I chose an episode that was a podcast of a high school’s winter concert.  To use this particular episode as a learning activity with my own choir, I would have them listen to it and pay attention to the choir’s sound (vowels, diction, expression, control, etc).  These are all areas that, as a middle school choir, we work on continuously.  After listening to the podcast, I would have them write a blog post about what they heard.  After listening and writing, I would have them listen to a recording (maybe I can start creating podcasts out of OUR concerts) of our choir.  I would then have them compare the two and reflect on how they, personally, could improve their sound.

Podcasts….hmmm…..I teach choir.  Yep, I can use those!


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