There are so many web applications that are available for student use.  Many of my fellow classmates have already talked about the benefits of one of my favorite applications – Google Suite for Education, I decided to branch out a bit and discuss an application that works for my music students.  The web application that I want to talk about is called Noteflight.

I teach Music Appreciation as one of my classes.  Part of my class is learning how to read music and to understand the elements of music such as melody, harmony, meter, and the various ways music creates emotion or drama.  This application allows my students to actually create a piece of music that encompasses those elements.  This is a simple way to turn a paper and pencil unit into a real world application.  The students create their own piece of music and then share it with their classmates and the world if they wish.

I also teach choir.  This application has uses for that as well.  The students in my choir are required to practice outside of class in order to learn their individual parts.  I used to record their parts and then upload them to google drive so that they could practice.  With the advent of Noteflight, I can input the music via my computer keyboard or through a midi application by playing the parts on my keyboard.  Students can then access the music through any digital device.  They are then able to not only hear the music but see the music as they practice.  Band students learn their music by reading and playing the notes on the page. Historically, choir students can only learn the music by listening to the part as it is played and then sing it with the piano.  This application allows them to stop, start, replay until they know their part.  After that, they can add the other parts and sing their part with them as well.  This advances their individual knowledge of the music in a much broader scale.  Since my students have been using this app, the sound of our choir has improved substantially.  Additionally, with the new standards and student growth initiative that is now a part of our evaluation, students can record themselves singing with their part and then evaluate their performance.  Another aspect of this application is that they have begun to create a library of pieces that are accessible for an additional fee.  These pieces are complete with all of the parts as well as the accompaniment.

It is also good for differentiating for each level of student.  Students who are quick to learn are able to tweak their own knowledge of the music while students who need extra help are able to work individually with the music until they too are successful.  All of these capabilities, makes this web application an effective addition to students in my classes!

Source of above image:
Noteflight Image of home page [This image is of the home page of the website.]. (n.d.). Retrieved March 4, 2017, from



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